Rahim Hassanally Earns Top Industry Distinctions through an Illustrious Automotive Career

Rahim Hassanally purchased his own automation dealership which housed both Infiniti of Fairfield and Volvo of Fairfield. He afterward operated 16 franchises and offered hundreds of jobs to the people and income for Solano County and outside. A business manager, he’s earned dissimilarity from his peers for his positive approach, his considerate planning, and his concern in the automotive field. In hard times, such as in the current economic state, he rises to the challenge stating that the rough seasons train him to handle his resources for utmost productivity.


Momentum Auto Group 10-month hold- Rahim Hassanally

Rahim hassanally of Momentum Auto Group permits it as a complicated matter, in spite of if they are commercial or residential. However, these standard construction codes are needed to maintain safety and avoid any upcoming catastrophes. Timing code inspections by properly following construction steps with regular approval are difficult, but without it, could cause even more disagreeable situations for the business including the clientele.


Brand Promotion Strategy by Rahim Hassanally

The customer service center assistance is a good option that will be a temporary solution to make sure customers have the right to use to resources whiles the company transitions. With this step, the new management will lead Momentum Auto Group into a brilliant future, but the present leaders have guaranteed that the customers will obtain the care they deserve in the intervening time through the transitionary period. This way Rahim Hassanally makes certain that his clients are happy and pleased with the most exceptional possible solutions offered by his team.


Rahim Hassanally - Key Skills of An Entrepreneur

Rahim Hassanally, President and Dealer Principal of Momentum Auto Group, Fairfield, CA, has a vast knowledge of this field and he very well knew at a very young age that the family business was not his cup of tea. Rahim hassanally at a very tender age started his work in the automation industry. Despite the ease of entry hassanally would have had into the chain of hotels his parents owned in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area, he wanted to do something different.


Rahim Hassanally - Industry Leader in Automotive Industry

Rahim Hassanally an automotive industry leader has served as secretary for the Toyota Lexus Minority Dealers Association Board of Directors. He is also a member of the National Automotive Dealers Association. He is also an associate of both the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers and has experience of working as the Administration Committee and Chair of the Policy and Procedure Committee. He in his career has earned a lot of esteemed distinctions in his career, including earning the name of Board Member of AIADA.


Challenges in the automotive industry- Rahim Hassanally

Rahim Hassanally knows that the automotive industry is under a lot of modifications with the arrival of new searching and purchasing methods, a lot of times cutting out car salesmen in total that are not making the customers their main concern. In the end, there’s no superior option than a caring and dedicated sales representative like Rahim Hassanally.‍

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