Rahim Hassanally Earns Top Industry Distinctions through an Illustrious Automotive Career

With fresh adventures on the perspective for Mr. Hassanally, you can look back at his inspiring career and the distinctions that had led to his current accomplishment. Rahim Hassanally being an automation expert could have gone into the hotel business that his parents had recognized a lot of time before, but his mind was somewhere else. At the age of 16, he signed up for automation classes at a local car dealership from 8 am to noon time to become skilled at how to be a better salesman. Through a co-op work-study plan with his Texas high school, Rahim was doing well at this profile. He was selling cars at the Colonial Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep in Dallas and still completed his diploma.

Rahim Hassanally is an expert has served as secretary for the Toyota Lexus Minority Dealers Association Board of Directors and is an associate of the National Automotive Dealers Association. He at present is an associate of both the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers and the Administration. He in his career has earned a lot of distinctions in his career, including earning the designation of Board Member of AIADA.

Hassanally from his young age was natural at selling 25 to 30 vehicles a month in no time. He continued improving and demonstrated his rising skill at three dissimilar dealerships before finally being promoted to General Sales Manager. He afterward earned a bachelor’s level in political science at Southern Methodist University in Dallas to sharpen his talent and learn more about the miscellaneous and changing auto sales marketplace.

Rahim Hassanally purchased his own automation dealership which housed both Infiniti of Fairfield and Volvo of Fairfield. He afterward operated 16 franchises and offered hundreds of jobs to the people and income for Solano County and outside. A business manager, he’s earned dissimilarity from his peers for his positive approach, his considerate planning, and his concern in the automotive field. In hard times, such as in the current economic state, he rises to the challenge stating that the rough seasons train him to handle his resources for utmost productivity.